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About Us - Sterling Machinery

About Us

An auction for selling used machinery and equipment is a process where pre-owned industrial equipment, tools, and machinery are sold to the highest bidder. Sterling Machinery Auctions, Liquidations and Appraisals is your best platform for selling your used machinery and equipment facilitating the sale of your used equipment to interested buyers.

Sterling Machinery Auctions is your first choice to auction CNC Machine shops, metal working, fabrication facilities, automotive, aerospace, etc.  We have bidders from around the world from corporations to individual businesses.

We provide the detailed information about each piece of machinery, including its specifications, condition, and any other relevant details before the auction begins. In many instances there is a preview day for the auction in person or online. Sterling Machinery Auctions connects bidders from around the world with multiple selling formats such as digital, live, and online auctions.  Sterling Machinery Auctions catalogs all the items, hosts the auction, conducts the bidding, advertises the auction, offers payment solutions, etc.  Selling your used equipment is a cost efficient way to sell your industrial assets.

Once the bidding process is complete and a highest bidder is determined, the successful buyer is obligated to complete the purchase by paying the agreed-upon price. Payment terms and methods are typically specified by the auction house or auctioneer before the auction begins. After the payment is received, the buyer takes possession of the machinery, either by arranging for transportation or picking it up from the auction site.  Sterling Machinery Auctions makes this process easy for you.  Sterling Machinery Auctions brings the highest return for your valued assets.

Buyers can acquire industrial equipment at potentially lower prices compared to buying new. Sellers can liquidate their surplus or outdated machinery and recover some value from their assets.


Sterling Machinery Auctions and Liquidators is a good choice to auction your used machinery for several reasons:

1.   Sterling Machinery Auctions shares customers and followers Sterling Machinery Exchange located in Los Angeles, Ca. Sterling Machinery Exchange has been one of the largest metalworking machinery dealers in America since 1954.  Your equipment will be added throughout all Sterling Machinery Exchange advertising channels including followers on social networking as well as listed upon one of the worlds largest new and used machinery websites.

Not only will your facility receive exposure on the site, videos will be front and center on The internets largest video website for Machinery demonstrations and other machine tool industry videos including videos of your machinery in the auction!

2.   Expertise in Machinery Auctions: Sterling Machinery Auctions and Liquidators specialize in machinery auctions, with extensive knowledge and experience in the field. We understand the market value of various types of machinery and can accurately assess and evaluate your equipment, ensuring you receive a fair price for your items.

3.   Wide Network of Buyers: Sterling Machinery Auctions and Liquidators has a worldwide broad network of potential buyers, including individuals, businesses, and industry professionals who actively participate in their auctions. Your used machinery will be exposed to a large pool of potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of a successful auction sale and competitive bidding.

4.   Marketing and Promotion: To ensure maximum exposure for your machinery, Sterling Machinery Auctions and Liquidators does the heavy work for you.  We employ effective marketing and promotion strategies. We utilize various channels such as online platforms, industry publications, direct mail, and email campaigns to reach potential buyers who are specifically interested in purchasing used machinery. This comprehensive approach helps attract serious buyers and generate greater interest in your equipment.

5.   Competitive Bidding Environment: Auctions in general create a competitive bidding environment, which can drive up the price of your machinery. Potential buyers are motivated to bid higher to secure the equipment they need, potentially leading to a higher final selling price for your items.

6.   Streamlined Selling Process: When choosing Sterling Machinery Auctions and Liquidators, you will benefit from our streamlined selling process. We handle all aspects of the auction, including cataloging your machinery, organizing the auction event, managing the bidding process, and handling the logistics of transferring the equipment to the buyer. This saves you time, effort, and resources that would otherwise be required to sell your machinery independently.

7.   Transparent and Secure Transactions: Sterling Machinery Auctions and Liquidators prioritize transparency and ensure secure transactions. We will provide you with detailed information about the entire auction process, terms and conditions, and payment procedures, ensuring a clear understanding for both buyers and sellers. We handle the paperwork, the financial aspects of the sale, providing a secure platform for payment collection and ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transaction for all parties involved.


If you know of a plant or shop that is closing and that might be interested in selling their used metalworking, punch press, shear, lathe, saw, grinders, lasers, waterjets, drills, etc. we pay finder fees!  We offer upfront guarantees for complete auctions.


Sterling Machinery Auctions, Liquidations and Appraisals is a full service nationwide auction, liquidation and asset company


For Liquidations we service financial institutions corporations to full plants. We value the assets at today’s prices.

Sterling Machinery Auctions and Liquidators is here for you to consult with regarding auctioning your used industrial machinery, expected prices, and any concerns you have.  Sterling Machinery Auctions and Liquidators are the experts ensuring you have a successful auction experience. FREE CONSULTATIONS.

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